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Choose between Stamford, Prestige or Nasa60 Panels. The difference between the Panels are largely based on their thickness.


Stamford being the most economical panel measures at 22mmThk. This thickness suits well for a normal start-up office environment [Entrepreneur's office] and it looks sleek and presentable. It does not take up much space but acts as a divider for privacy. It definitely serves it's purpose well.


Prestige being the mid class panel measures at 40mmThk. This thickness suits very well for a MNC environment and it looks good & sturdy. It can standalone with a stabilizer to acts as a separate room for privacy and meeting area.


Nasa60 being the most up-market panel measures at 60mmThk. This thickness suits very well for any environment and it looks luxurious & exceptionally stable. We have lots of clients with big offices installing this series of system panel workstations and have received numerous good feedback on them.


All the above system panels works well and can be installed at any place with even flooring.

2 Seater System Panel Workstation

$699.00 Regular Price
$599.00Sale Price
Excluding Tax
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