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   Open Plan Workstation

Open-plan workstations are popular because of their economical design, space-saving ability, and ability to allow employees to interact with each other. The modern work environment encourages its employees to interact with each other to increase their productivity and efficiency.

So, if you want an open plan workstation for your workplace, Amercis is here to help you. We offer a wide range of products like tables, office chairs, file cabinets, and other accessories for an open plan workstation. Our products are made of high-quality materials and are highly sustainable.

Feel free to contact us for the complete design and installation of an open plan workstation or to buy essentials and accessories for your workstations. At Amercis, we only offer high-quality products at affordable prices

The Advantages of an Open Plan Workstation

1. Improved Communication

Open plan workstations offer employees better communication opportunities. They can interact with each other whenever they want. Better communication and interaction among employees has been proven to increase productivity and teamwork among workers.

2. Improved Teamwork

An open plan workstation is ideal for offices where employees need to work together on projects. Workers on the same project can sit at the same table and discuss their ideas without having to book a meeting room. 

3. Budget-Friendly

An open-plan workstation is a great way to cut your construction costs. There is no need to build separate rooms for each employee, and you don’t need to buy separate desks for each employee. An open-plan workstation can fit 4 to 6 employees on one desk. Moreover, when more people sit in one open space, you can save on your electricity bills as well.

4. The Ability to Grow

An open plan workstation is ideal for growing companies. They are economical, and they have the capacity to fit in more employees. When a company hires a new employee to grow their team, they can accommodate multiple employees in already available open-space workstations with a slight adjustment.

Why Choose Amercis?

Amercis is one of the leading office furniture suppliers in Singapore. If you are looking for the best quality office furniture and workstations, Amercis is the place to be. Our dedicated team ensures that the materials used in our furniture and workstations are of high quality and that the design is according to your needs. 

We have a wide range and variety of office furniture and workstation options available for you. From office chairs to open space workstations, we deal in all kinds and types of office furniture. Feel free to contact us for high-quality office furniture and accessories at affordable prices.

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